Aruna Kanu – ‘Love games’ – Free Download

Dental’s Aruna Kanu has just uploaded his first bunch of tunes online. After finally getting his new artwork completed by Emily Evans its time to get his stuff online and get people listening. His first tune ‘Love Games’ is up for free download. Click on his sound cloud to download.

b. Fighting Fires – Preview

b in studio

Beth Robb has so far featured on a few of Exmoor Emperors tunes, but now her solo stuff has started taking shape. She is working under the name ‘b.’ and if you click inside this post you can hear a preview of her up and coming tune ‘Fighting Fires’.  We are currently putting together a [...]

Brand New Swede

Check out the brand new Swede Mason based on the kings speech. Not so radio friendly this time around but pure brilliance. Keep upto date with all of swede’s video via he’s youtube page here.

Swede Mason – A plea for a right to parody

swede mason- A plea for a right to parody - feature

I’ve waited for a long time to have my say on this subject. My thoughts have built up and stagnated for so long, some of them are mouldy, and I’m finding it hard to know where to begin. Hello, my name is Swede Mason. Well, it isn’t actually. It’s a name I go by in [...]

Exmoor Emperor and Beth Robb – Modern

New colab from Exmoor Emperor and Beth Robb.

House of Billiam – Follikles Mix

House of Billiam – Follikles Mix by Follikles on Mixcloud Check out our boy Follikles promo mix for our good friends House of Billiam- classy bespoke streetwear via East London. The mix includes  Little-Dragon, Phedee, Tycho, Shatterhands, proflogik  / Ackryte ,Teebs ,shlohmo, DZA , and Jon-Phonics. Billiam are  currently doing a collaboration with the world [...]


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