Swede Mason – A plea for a right to parody

I’ve waited for a long time to have my say on this subject. My thoughts have built up and stagnated for so long, some of them are mouldy, and I’m finding it hard to know where to begin.

Hello, my name is Swede Mason. Well, it isn’t actually. It’s a name I go by in case someone tries to sue me.

I am a video remixer and musician. I create music and video from cutting and pasting clips and dialogue from unusual TV and film sources. I take footage, which would normally be forgotten after its intended use, and through various methods refine it and use it to create entertaining, thought provoking and above all, amusing videos.

The footage I use is always created for a completely different reason and in a totally different context to the original. I take the footage and change its context and meaning for my purposes, more often than not by twisting it into a tune. The way I see it, the footage is used once and discarded after which it has served its purpose in whichever TV or film it was used in. I find a further use for it through parody.

I’m basically like a video editing womble.


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One Response to “Swede Mason – A plea for a right to parody”
  1. Juanita says:

    This is really something!

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