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“My heart is the elixir my head needs to drink, This is why I trust what I feel, not what I think.”

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It is the middle of the rutting season, when he should be passing on the genetic bounty that allowed him to achieve such a huge stature [...] is under police guard in a London hospital after being injured in a drive-by shooting.Speaking through his agent, the presenter said: “I thank God I’m alive and that everyone has survived.  “Everybody at the hospital has been great. I feel fine.” [...]  The animal has been seen regularly after the time he was supposedly shot near Rackenford. My builder, who lives five miles away on Exmoor, was telling me a few days ago that the stag had been in his garden last week. ‘Most locals are fiercely protective of this stag, knowing him very well. [...] he had an operation to clean the entry and exit wound in his right arm. [...]  After the shooting, the motorcycle sped off in the direction of the Elephant and Castle.

Appeal for witnesses…


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Aruna kanu is a Hiphop artist, with a unique style an out look that captures many diffrent perspective. His form has a mixture of vocal an rap an sometimes contains different character to depict his poetry in a more visual an indept perspective. He gains his inspiration from old soul singers an those with an core love for music. Since a young age he hold admiration for narrators who depictions could hold audience of all type an strives to continue that legacy.


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Many scientific studies have been done regarding the effects of music on hair. I tried experimenting myself. After 4 week of experimenting I had fuller, thicker and livelier hair.


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