Swede Mason – R Kelly Cut

Brand new Swede Mason. Check this out…something a little different this time.

Buttery Biscuit Base – no 37 in UK top 40


    Swede recently came in at no.37 in the UK top 40, with his Masterchef  ’Buttery Biscuit Base’ mash up. Everyone at Dental thanks the people who bought the record and in tern help make this happen.

Swede Mason- Lean on the wind

Brand new Swede Mason- Lean on the wind- Inspired by the classic Kinder garden Cop. Check out the official Swede Mason T’s at www.zergtees.com or follow the link on our home page.

‘Mr Blood’ Music Video by Jack King

Our man InaboxJack has been at it again, busy shooting the second music video for leeds-based two-man barrage “That Fucking Tank”. Following up from the Impressive “To Kill A King” which included a section shot in a vast cooling tower in Sheffield, he’s now teamed up with Matt Green to deliver this stunning, eye-popping, masterpiece”Mr [...]

New Music Video for “To Kill A King”

“Cold Skin” is enigmatic, visually striking and utterly absorbing, this is a very impressive pice by InaBoxJack for the unsigned band “To Kill A King”, casting a bunch of kids, frightening big blokes and marshalling them all into about of cathartic violence. Totally self-financed by Jack himself and has become a welcome addition to his sensational portfolio. [...]

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