Studio Facilities



Control Room

The Control Room is spacious and acoustically designed, having been treated with various sound absorbers and bass traps to provide an accurate mixing environment. The room is isolated from the other rooms and features a comfortable sofa and clear lines of slight through to the Live Room, Vocal Booth and Drum Booth.



Live Room

Our large, 70 sq metres (750 sq ft) live room can accommodate large groups of musicians and features a baby grand piano as a focal point in what is a hugely versatile recording space. There are movable upright and floating sound baffles to help tailor the acoustics of the room for your required sound, plenty of rugs tiled and laminated surfaces. At one end of the room is the lounge area with a television, games consoles and DVD’s all of which can be moved on request, plus a modern kitchen, adjoining shower and toilet.


Drum Booth

This room, primarily used as a drum booth, offers further versatility to our set-up by enabling full isolation of any instrument or selection of instruments from the Live Room during recording. The room has been specifically designed to allow us the flexibility for both lively and intimate recording. The booth can also be used as a rehearsal space, measures 3.5m x 3.5m and provides clear line of slight through to the Vocal Booth, Live Room and Control Room.


Vocal Booth

The Vocal Booth measures 1.5m x 1m and has been designed to be acoustically dead. The room can be used for vocals / voice over work or for isolation of either amplified or non-amplified instruments during live tracking.





Hardware & Software
1 ) Apple Mac Pro Quad Core 6GB RAM, 2 Terabyte hard drive, Solid State Hard drive, Dual monitors / Apple MacBook Pro / Apple iMac 20″ / Logic Pro nine , Celemony Melodyne, Drumagog + Steven Slate
Drums. Plus many more third party plugins.
2 ) Apple Mac Quad Core 8GB RAM, Dual monitors, MacBook, iMac 17″ / Logic Pro nine, Celemony Melodyne, Waves.

Apogee Ensemble / 4 x SSL VHD Preamps / Focusrite ISA 428 with A/D conversion / Empirical Labs Distressor / BE1 Headphone amp / Lexicon dual channel processor
Presonus FP10 x 2 / Central Station, Eureka ( AD192 card ) Art HeadAmp Pro / Behringer Rack Tuner,

KRK VXT6 / Alesis M1 Active MKII / Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones / Beyerdynamic DT100 Headphones x 8 / Krk Rokit 6

Neumann TLM193 / Rode NT5 stereo matched pair / AKG D112 / SE Z2200 / Shure SM57 x 8 / Shure SM58 x 3 / Shure unidyne 57 / Shure SM57 Beta / AKG 414 / Beta 52 / Rhode NT2a /

Orange Rocker 30 and 2 x 12 cab / Vox valvetronics and 2 x 12 / Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet and 4 x 12 cab / SANS Amp / Trace Elliott Bass combo / Marshall JCM 2000 / Line 6 Flextone / Flextone 180 bass amp /

Rhodes 73 Stage Piano / USA Fender Stratocastor 70th Ann. / PRS Standard 24 / Fender P Bass /  Misc. Percussion / Korg MS2000 synth  / Yamaha TG33 / Korg ER-1 / Korg EA-1 / Farfisa Organ / Yamaha csx 1 / MPC 1000 / MPD x 2 / Tama Rock star drum kit x 2 / Shecktar Diamond Series / Hofman / Ibanez 7 string / Mornington and Weston Baby Grand Piano / Roland D-50  / Ensoniq ESC-1 / Elka Rapsody

Neutric Van Damme Cables / Kingfisher Mic Stands / Acoustic treatment by Vicoustics / Clearsonic Acoustic Screens / Fostex R8 reel to reel / Peavy 800Watt P.A

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10 Manley Court Basement,
Stoke Newington, London, N16 0PB

T: +44 (0)207 2542524